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Dreaming of Synergy: Leverage for Impact Beyond Our Success

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2012: A Retrospective

Strengthening dreamers, this year we’ve clocked over 200 days on the road, across 15 time zones, in 12 nations.

Was it worth it? Absolutely!
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Want Impact? Networks Trump Organizations

Our weakness proved to be our greatest asset.

In an Egyptian village roasted by the merciless sun, civil engineer Yousry and I sat down on shaded bamboo chairs in April 1999.  A sniffing and wagging session ensued to find out if we could work together. Continue reading Want Impact? Networks Trump Organizations

Recognizing Servant-Leaders – Not Drum Majors

It was only after the rice ran out that the British soldier noticed her again.

Her tiny face crumpled as it dawned on her that she would get no food that day. Even in the emaciated crowd, she was smaller and thinner than the rest, easily pushed aside as stronger ones shoved their way to the front. Continue reading Recognizing Servant-Leaders – Not Drum Majors

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