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Two Questions to Unlock Your Destiny

Dear Friend,

Our friend Marc, age 29, seemingly had it all. Youngest bank manager ever in Lebanon. University lecturer in strategic management. Nationally recognized human rights activist. 

But in a split-second dive into the Mediterranean Sea, his life slammed to a standstill. 

He awoke from a coma, unable to feel his body. Paralyzed from the neck down and his head in traction, he could only blink. His saw no one in his hospital room. But he sensed a Presence.

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The Power of “I Will”

Dear Friend,

You affirmed, “I will!” And then you strengthened some of the most courageous visionaries in dark corners! 

Your generosity leveraged over $100,000 to accelerate efforts for our vision of “a light in every hard place in our generation.” We’re amazed – and grateful

Your bigheartedness is delivering impact in some of the hardest contexts in the world. 

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Transforming an Enemy into a Friend

My blood pressure was climbing in that long airport security line.

I impatiently shifted from one foot to the other as my line inched forward. Then I felt a tug on my backpack. A bit more irritated, I pivoted to investigate.

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Beyond Bullets, Unlikely Allies


I whispered, counting bullet holes inside her living room. We sat by the window in a tiny, dark apartment overlooking the alley demarcating two warring factions.  My first field visits as a Dreams InDeed board member were a lot to absorb.

Our hostess, a rumpled woman in her fifties, asked me in broken English, “You from America?” Her translated response to my affirmative reply was unforgettable. “Your people suffer in America. I feel with you. I stand with you.

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If You’d Like to Get Into Harm’s Way…

“So, David, what are you looking for?” the convener asked. All eyes swiveled to David.

The Cambridge Symposium for Enterprise, Ethics, and Development was winding up. David responded, “We turn insider dreams into deeds, in conflict zones. So if you want to put yourself in harm’s way, we can arrange that. Or if you’d prefer to assist by remote, we can arrange that, too.”

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Dignity in the Dark

His tears flowed. This refugee just couldn’t help it. You would have wept, too.

He’d been a successful businessman. Then his home and business were bombed. He and his family are now displaced, skimping to survive in their own country.

But that’s not why he burst into tears.
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“I Once Was Blind…”

His mother died when he was ten. Her funeral marked darkness closing in on him.

Without his mother’s support, he concluded school was a dead-end. After four years wasted in classrooms, he was still illiterate.

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The Smallest One Becomes A Thousand

The impact of your generosity is multiplying, from life to life to life across Egypt.

So what kind of return on investment do you reap when you build into the lives of Egyptian child laborers? I was just in Cairo and saw the results myself.

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The Deaf Hear

Dr. Maged’s first patient that morning was distressed. “I cannot hear.”

Before the rural clinic opened, this villager had waited over two hours for that coveted first spot in line. With only five public hospitals for nearly 1.4 million people, any healthcare at all is treasured, let alone treatment by this ear-nose-throat specialist.

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Mission & Vision

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