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Haskell Chairs AUB Social Enterprise Panel in Beirut

Can social enterprises really serve people and steward the planet, while still turning a profit? We sure think so. Even in hard places in turmoil? Yes.

Visionary practitioners are showing how.  

The American University of Beirut (AUB) has invited David Haskell to chair a social enterprise panel on responsible business models. This panel will be featured at the first conference on Corporate Social Responsibility in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) hosted by the AUB Oleyan School of Business, Friday 4 to Saturday 5 May, 2012.

Alongside Dreams InDeed, the social enterprise panel will include founders and managers of Souk El Tayeb, Cedar Environmental, Sarah’s Bags, 2B Design, and Tomorrow’s Youth Organization.

Here are some tough questions David and the panel of social enterprise practitioners will tackle:

· Is the Arab Spring an opportunity or threat for MENA social enterprise?

· What social enterprise challenges are unique to MENA?

· How can social enterprises discover or create markets in MENA?

· Does mixing economic, social, and environmental aims require trade-offs?

· How can social enterprises compete with single bottom-line business?

· How can social enterprises attract investment into MENA turbulence?

· How can social enterprise harness spiritual values in sectarian contexts?

For more information, the conference program, schedule, and registration details are available at http://osbcsr.blogspot.com/.

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