Keep in mind that our community is not composed of those who are already saints, but of those who are trying to become saints. Therefore let us be extremely patient with each other's faults and failures. Mother Teresa

Synergizing Dreams and Talent

Dreams InDeed hosted a conflict resolution practitioner in Amman, Jordan from December 9 to 11 to convene with a community mobilization expert.  Bringing formidable experience to the table, each collaborated with Dreams InDeed staff to design a Participatory Rapid Appraisal (PRA) for an at-risk community. A PRA process engages a community around a strategic issue to enable community members to discover and agree steps they can take to address the issue, define their priorities, and take effective action together.  Dreams InDeed was honored to bring these two talented minds and passionate hearts together to synergize their dreams and serve their people.

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