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If a man shuts his ears to the cry of the poor, he too will cry out and not be answered.Proverbs: 21:13

The Power of “I Will”

Dear Friend,

You affirmed, “I will!” And then you strengthened some of the most courageous visionaries in dark corners! 

Your generosity leveraged over $100,000 to accelerate efforts for our vision of “a light in every hard place in our generation.” We’re amazed – and grateful

Your bigheartedness is delivering impact in some of the hardest contexts in the world. 

Insider values-driven visionaries are at the vanguard in every case:

  • Volunteer networks are sustaining the mentally challenged displaced in unending war across the Levant
  • A character-building values curriculum is being created and contextualized for boys laboring in brick factories in Egypt
  • Rescue, restoration, and reconciliation is underway with families of vulnerable boys and girls off the streets of Cairo
  • Youth leadership is being developed for civic volunteer service across sectarian lines in Lebanon and Iraq
  • A volunteer network is mobilizing blood donation for peace between conflicted Lebanese communities
  • Abused young women are supported with compassion and dignity in Southeast Asia

In addition, you are enabling Dreams InDeed to leverage our over thirty years of hard place experience with broader networks for collective impact.

With your help, we are investing our hard-won lessons with other values-aligned practitioners and international organizations. These visionaries are innovating and advocating systemic solutions in the fields of information technology security, psychological recovery for traumatized communities, and clean affordable energy for all

Your “I will” is propelling a worldwide ripple that is touching some of the most marginalized individuals in distant, dark corners. Thank you.  

Grateful for you,

Janice L H Haskell
Vice-President for Program Development

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