Strengthening dreamers, this year we’ve clocked over 200 days on the road, across 15 time zones, in 12 nations.
Was it worth it? Absolutely!

  • After Dreams InDeed advised two dreamers and helped mobilize volunteers, parents from warring Middle Eastern factions sent 50 of their youngsters to their first summer camp to learn how to turn enemies into friends across sectarian lines.
  • Empowered by Dreams InDeed field research and stewardship training, volunteers taught over 250 illiterate children in the Himalaya’s shadows to read their own tribal language script, giving them a chance to enter public schools.
  • With Dreams InDeed management guidance and fiscal oversight, a charitable school headmistress under fire sustained a values-based education with over 700 marginalized kids in a Middle Eastern enclave where child labor is the status quo.
  • With Dreams InDeed oversight on indigenous governance and stewardship in a corner of Southeast Asia, 130 war refugee children enjoyed education and safe room and board, many days distant from their remote villages that lack a single school.
  • Dreams InDeed facilitated leadership development, board recruitment, program design, and strategic planning with a dreamer founding a new residential community to rescue adult mentally challenged orphans from neglect into lifelong care.

Overwhelming challenge or inspiring opportunity?

Yet our Dreams InDeed vision is “a light in every dark place.” A handful of dreamers alone won’t fulfill this aim. So we’re sharing our experience to propel others beyond our reach.

Published field research.

We co-authored a case documenting the statistically significant impact of spiritual values assimilation on work performance in the Care with Love network of 924 Egyptian home health caregivers.  The published chapter, “Harnessing Values for Impact Beyond Profit in the Middle East and North Africa”, is downloadable here.

We presented case studies at the graduate business schools of the American University of Beirut, Berkeley, Duke, and Stanford; and at professional conferences hosted by Grantmakers for Effective Organizations, the Monitor Institute, and Social Enterprise Alliance.

Encouraged by these 2012 achievements, we’re accelerating into yet harder places in 2013.

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