"The servant-leader is servant first... The best test is: Do those served grow as persons? Do they, while being served, become more likely themselves to become servants?"Robert Greenleaf

Who We Are

Dreams InDeed is a network of perpetual learners.  We have gleaned a bit from our past successes, accolades, and triumphs.  But we have internalized far more from adversity, disappointment, and outright failure.  However, like those we serve, we are unwilling to say “good” is “good enough.”

Our mission emerged from the cauldron of two decades’ development work in contexts of sectarian violence, chronic poverty, human rights abuses, and compromised rule of law.  Years of professors’ probing and practitioners’ debates sharpened that mission.  Each phrase reflects our determination to think harder and work smarter for more significant impact alongside dreamers who dare to defy the odds.

Our values matured from reflection and action on becoming worthy of the trust of people who have been burned a few times too many.  Practiced values are the DNA of human development.  With no short-cuts or time off from the consistent practice of these values, dreams serving the common good become possible. The ensuing trust ensures the stability and allows the flexibility to collaborate at “the edge of chaos.”

Our leadership team has as its ambition to become servant leaders.  We’ve been taught about leadership by seasoned mentors, professors, employers, colleagues.  But we really learned to serve from other teachers – street kids, garbage sorters, the mentally challenged, leprosy sufferers, illegal aliens, genocide refugees.  They patiently help us grasp what it really means to be human.

Our governance team also aims to lead as servants.  That means shouldering the weight of public trust – not wielding rubber stamps.  Volunteers, they roll up their sleeves as policy governors, professional advisors, resource sponsors, and stakeholder ambassadors.  Board foresight and stability help to position Dreams InDeed to strengthen social entrepreneurs at risk in hard places.

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