Donate to Dreams InDeed via UK Gift Aid

What is Gift Aid?

Gift aid is a tax relief scheme that allows charities to claim 25% of the tax already paid on all eligible donations made by a UK taxpayer.

This means you can increase your donation by an extra 25% at no extra cost to you. For example, if you donate £100, this becomes £125 with Gift Aid.

You’re eligible for gift Aid if you’re a UK taxpayer and have paid income or capital gains tax within the financial year. Only UK tax counts, so if you pay tax outside the UK then unfortunately, you won’t be able to claim Gift Aid for your donation. If you pay less income tax or capital gains tax in the current tax year than the amount of Gift Aid claimed on all your donations, it is your responsibility to pay the difference.

How to Donate

If you are interested in making a Gift Aid eligible donation or any other type of contribution,
please use this form and we will get in touch with you!

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If you have any problems or need any help, please email


Thank you for your generosity and commitment to our vision of a light in every hard place in our generation.

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