A simple, yet powerful formula. 

Innovative Social Entrepreneurs + Committed Social Investors = Synergy on Social Dilemmas

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EPCON 2011: How to Solve the World’s Biggest Problems

My View: Solving Minnesota’s Problems Means Getting Everybody at the Table
@writerpollock Tristan Pollock

David Haskell is one of the most articulate, inspiring speakers I’ve ever heard.
@JLoMN Jennie Olson

“If you haven’t found something worth dying for then you haven’t found something worth living for.” @dreamsindeed David Haskell
@larsleafblad Lars Leafblad

Love this -> David Haskell’s keys to building network approach: “Shared Dream. Aligned Values. Participatory Weave. Servant Leaders.”
@works_progress Works Progress

Love David Haskell’s idea of a “participatory weave!”
@JLoMN Jennie Olson

“I’ve got a dream…” @dreamsindeed David Haskell – What’s your dream?
MentorPlanet Beth Parkhill

Real change requires deep trust across varied organizations. Difficult but worthy. David Haskell
@lhavens Lucas

Love David Haskell’s metaphor of resonance at #epcon. If you find resonance with a person/org, follow it for as long as he has–30 yrs?
@writerpollock Tristan Pollock

“Draw your circle large enough to include even the smallest voice.” – David Haskell of @DreamsInDeed
@JLoMN Jennie Olson

Keynote speaker Dream Indeed’s David Haskell talks about Minnesota’s philanthropic success
@works_progress Works Progress

“It’s better together… it’s also harder together.” Real talk from David Haskell.
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EPCON 2011: Better Together; Haskell to Deliver Keynote

A simple, yet powerful formula. Innovative Social Entrepreneurs + Committed Social Investors = Synergy on Social Dilemmas

Applying that formula, Social Venture Partners Minnesota is hosting the Engaged Philanthropy Conference (EPCON) on 16 June at the Minneapolis Hyatt Regency.  No other gathering in Minnesota brings together such a diverse group of trailblazers.  Nonprofit leaders.  Foundation directors.  Individual philanthropists.  Business entrepreneurs.  Corporate executives.  Government policy makers.

The aim?  Listen to each other and take action together on entrenched social problems.  These leaders know that community needs are far bigger than any one foundation, institution, or government agency can take on alone.

EPCON 2011 has tapped David Haskell to give the keynote address.  Through two decades of international development practice in the Middle East, East Africa, and Southeast Asia, Haskell has grappled with complex social problems firsthand.  Those experiences have taught him a simple, yet profound, truth required for leveraged impact: collaboration.  Illustrated by an inspiring case from Egypt, Haskell will unpack the verity that we are “Better Together.”
Haskell’s aspiration for EPCON 2011?

“Generous and engaged civic networks have sustained values and leveraged change in Minnesota for decades, but I hope their greatest impact is still ahead.”

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