"Almost always, the creative dedicated minority has made the world better."Martin Luther King, Jr.


Haskells Made… a video? 😱

“Oh, Janice, it’s horrible in Lebanon; my kids are terrified; it’s devastating.”  

You got your share of crisis texts this year, too.  COVID hospitalizations, job layoffs, street violence.  When foundations shake, what does one do?  We sought Solomon’s ancient wisdom. 

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A Different Way

Recent headlines scream of injustice and chaos; you demonstrated a different way with sacrifice and unity.

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I felt my blood pressure rising. Our friend was missing – in a country at war in plague. 

We called his cell. No answer. We texted online. Silence. We asked mutual friends.  No word. 

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I’ll Never Be The Same

The deeper our Egyptian driver drove into this desolate district, the grumpier he got.  Then he snapped, “I will go no further!”

At first, he’d cheerfully chatted about driving for big name charities, enjoying helping the poor. So, quizzically, I glanced at Tala, my Jordanian friend.  She relayed, “He insists this area is too dangerous.  Potholes.  Drug dealers.  Carjackers.”

“Yet I come here all the time, no problem,” I responded. 

Persuaded by Tala’s coaxing, our driver reluctantly pressed deeper into this apocalypse.  Thousands of children labor here, hauling millions of bricks fired in hundreds of factories.  His tension only subsided after we left that area and picked up speed on a new freeway. 


Two Questions to Unlock Your Destiny

Our friend Marc, age 29, seemingly had it all. Youngest bank manager ever in Lebanon. University lecturer in strategic management. Nationally recognized human rights activist. 

But in a split-second dive into the Mediterranean Sea, his life slammed to a standstill. 

He awoke from a coma, unable to feel his body. Paralyzed from the neck down and his head in traction, he could only blink. His saw no one in his hospital room. But he sensed a Presence.


The Power of “I Will”

Dear Friend,

You affirmed, “I will!” And then you strengthened some of the most courageous visionaries in dark corners! 

Your generosity leveraged over $100,000 to accelerate efforts for our vision of “a light in every hard place in our generation.” We’re amazed – and grateful

Your bigheartedness is delivering impact in some of the hardest contexts in the world. 

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